Wicker restroom Demountable

SOMETHING amazing …

Architecture, design as a piece of art.

The work is executed in the spirit and in the style of Jackson Pollock, independently, and with inspiration

  • Rejuvenating
  • Revitalizing

… Bird singing in the willow’s branches at the river, reflection of stars and thoughts near that river are interwoven into my wickers. A cuckoo calls to that side …


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Wicker restroom. Demountable

12 wicker pictures.The picture is framed and aged by a blackened wood

The wicker room is woven of the Russian willow. The room includes three wicker fountains with light and music effects (twinkling of stars, lightning flashes). The fountains are finished and decorated by semi-precious stones (agates, amethysts, tiger’s eyes, etc.).

12 wicker pictures Size: 1300х2600х100
Art wicker is 100% Handmade
Price: Negotiable