Mini fireplace “A feast of dragons”

SOMETHING amazing …

Architecture, design as a piece of art.

The work is executed in the spirit and in the style of Jackson Pollock, independently, and with inspiration

  • Rejuvenating
  • Revitalizing

… Don’t be afraid of Dragons, and rejoice to a pervasive fire.
Fire doesn’t cool down, but only goes out. A flame wind up a heart …


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The fireplace is wrought. It is executed in the form of three “enchained” dragons for support of a bowl – furnace. It works on woods (small chopped billets), has a remote automatic ignition.

The fireplace package includes two decorative cases (boxes on wheels) for accessory items:

1.The fireplace’s set – shovel, tongs, poker, brush-broom;

2.Ceramic cuvettes, pots, reflectors for cooking, boiling, yellowing, herbs, berries and fruits (traditional medicine);

… The past and the future with and without spices are prepared and stored in it …

3.Decorative skewers, skewers with reflectors (stainless steel for food industry);

… They shine and sparkle. Take and do for health …

4.Decorative cases from genuine leather for skewers;

5.Art birchbark boxes for holding and storage of products for traditional medicine;

… You will look – it is warm, you will touch – it is warm. You will feel the spirit of the native forest …

6.A set for inhalation, turbulation of air vibromassage.

The fireplace is portable: it is possible to move it from one room to another, to move out to the street.

Size of the fireplace: 1000х500х500 Size of the stand: 700х500х500
The fireplace and all accessory items are 100% Handmade
Price: Negotiable