Fountain “CRYSTAL”

SOMETHING amazing ...

Architecture, design as a piece of art.

The work is executed in the spirit and in the style of Jackson Pollock, independently, and with inspiration

  • Rejuvenating
  • Revitalizing
  • Wine evaporator
  • Bioton

… Everything is simple. Calm down. Sit down at the fountain, and you will bathe in a dawn. You will see how the water will see its reflection, will see its evaporation. And you will see where you need to go further …

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Wine evapovator

The fountain has an optional device for vibro-evaporation (except water) of costly wines. It is commonly believed that wine vapors promote revitalizing and rejuvenation.


The fountain is certainly made of natural materials. Special shelves and ledges, where germinated cereals, sprouts of bean cultures, flowers, trees, bee-keeping products, etc. are laid out, are built in the fountain…

Operation of the “Crystal” fountain is followed by light and music effects, image projection on water (portraits of revitalizing persons), twinkling of stars, lightning flashes, etc.

The fountain is finished, decorated by semi-precious stones. Agate – longevity and health, protects against the evil eye and poisons. Garnet – pleases a heart, supports the cardiovascular system. Amethyst – brings peace of mind and harmony. Zircon – concentrates a bioenergy, strengthens a mind. Tiger’s eye – reduces a blood pressure, normalizes a sleep. Hawk’s-eye – an amulet, stands sentinel over health and life of its owner. Bull’s-Eye – possesses penetrating force, helps to achieve a goal to its owner, and also by other stones with useful properties.

The fountain is portable: it is possible to move it from one room to another and to move out to the street.

Size: 1200x1200x500
The "Crystal" fountain is 100% Handmade
Price: Negotiable