Bench for tortures

SOMETHING amazing …

Architecture, design as a piece of art

The work is executed in the spirit and in the style of Jackson

  • Rejuvenating
  • Revitalizing

… Don’t be afraid of tortures, especially tortures of love. Love won’t last long in a cage too…


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The bench is designed as an opening chamber. The bench is designed for gentle massage with slow stretching of a spine (computer control).
The camera is woven of the expanding juniperus

The bench includes:

Wooden stand frame;

Wicker opening chamber (juniperus);

Massage rollers in a form of human body projection;

Fixations for hands and feet;

Electromechanical drive;

Electronic control unit.

Size: 3000 х 1000 х 800
Bench for tortures is 100% Handmade
Price: Negotiable